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Covering the choice of more than 200+ distributors around the world

Arivo Tyre currently has more than 200 stable cooperative tire sales agents worldwide, with trade covering Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, South America, and Africa, and the annual sales volume of tires exceeds 3 million.
In the future, Arivo Tyre hopes to establish a comprehensive sales network on a global scale, covering more than 60% of the world’s countries by 2025, and also looks forward to establishing close sales cooperation with more professional tire dealers.

20+Patterns,1000+Sizes,Complete tire specifications are the basic performance of a professional tire manufacturer

Abundant tire production and sales experience allows Arivo Tyre to establish a comprehensive tire specification library to help you as much as possible to purchase all the tire models you need at one time. This is not only a professional embodiment of Arivo Tyre, but also for our customers basic service requirements.

specification & technology

Strict production specifications, quality control higher than industry standards, and mature and advanced production technology are the constant pursuit of arivo tyre for its products.

Arivo Tyre adopts the latest generation of tire manufacturing technology and introduces the concept of industry 4.0 intelligent factory production. From product design to production line production to delivery logistics, the whole process is dynamically managed to ensure that every customer can truly experience Arivo Tyre's high-quality products and At the same time, Arivo Tyre has obtained various mainstream product certifications in the industry, including but not limited ISO9001 and ISO16949 quality management system certification, China CCC certification, EU ECE certification, U.S. DOT certification, GCC certification from the seven Gulf countries, Saudi SASO certification, India BIS certification, Nigeria SONCAP certification, Brazil INMETRO certification, while the product liability is underwritten by Jordan & Jordan Insurance Group (USA), the quality is reliable and guaranteed.

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