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Leading the new model of intelligent manufacturing in the industry

Arivo Tyre's road to intelligent manufacturing

As a global high-quality tire manufacturer, Arivo Tyre has always followed the development direction of the tire industry. With the official launch of Arivo Tyre's new standard intelligent tire production line, Arivo Tyre's PCR and TBR have completed the "dynamic safety supervision + full production process" Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing process with "traceability + smart warehousing" as the model.

Coming to the Arivo Tyre production workshop, only a few safety production managers in the huge workshop can coordinate the normal production of multiple tire production lines, without the busyness of the original tire production workers, instead, the reciprocating grasping of the robotic arm , the uninterrupted operation of the conveyor belt, the back-and-forth transportation of the material conveying robot, from the rubber raw material to the tire embryo forming, from the tire inspection to the warehousing, all processes of tire production, Arivo Tyre has realized automation and intelligence.

The fully intelligent automatic tire production line not only avoids the possible manual errors in the manual operation process, but also realizes the precision of the production source. The tires after production and molding still use the automatic inspection method in the field inspection process. The ARZ6C in PCR is used as the For example, before leaving the factory, a series of inspections such as appearance inspection, balance inspection, and X-ray inspection are required, and the entire factory quality inspection process does not require manual intervention. At the same time, the entire production process is traceable to ensure that the tires entering the final storage process are All tires are of high quality and reliable.

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